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Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.G DAK 1941

1:35, DRAGON, gebaut von Eric Geneau

DML kit no 9032 (1995). Built out of the box. Homemade stowage, with spare wheels, TAMIYA jerry cans and resin bedrolls. Tarp made with epoxy putty the Green Stuff. Base coat is XF-63 Panzer Gray TAMIYA. The hairspray technique was used for the Dunkel Gelb color. Dunkel Gelb is a mix of TAMIYA XF-57 Buff and XF-60 Dark Yellow. Details painted with VALLEJO COLORS. Base made with sand, plaster and gravel. Painted and weathered with VALLEJO COLORS.

A construction blog is available ►here.


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